Summer OOTD

Every Day People Brunch.

Summer OOTD



My favorite season is Fall but LA Summers are a close second. I hate to be hot but California doesn’t have the humidity that plagues my native Texas.

This past weekend I met up with friends to kick it at Chef Roble’s Everyday People Brunch. I most definitely prefer LA’s Day Parties as opposed to the Hollywood Nightlife bullshit.

It was a bit overcast so I went with chinos and a simple striped shirt and of course the ONLY cap that I’m wearing right now.  I looked at my past couple of posts and I noticed I always wear this one, and I have no plans of stoppping any time soon.  I hope everyone has a chill summer, be safe and ya’ll keep living!  – Bob


Cap | Obey

Sunglasses | American Optical

Shirt | Target

Chinos | H&M

Shoes | Nike


The Lookalike Poster

"Lookalike" Premiere Los Angeles

Man oh man, last night was fun!  I went to the L.A. Premiere for The Lookalike, the indie film I told you guys that I shot down in New Orleans a couple years ago.  Actually, before I get into last night, let me do some quick(and shameless) promoting!

As you all know, now a days Hollywood is into these HUGE tent pole movies with explosions, CGI, prequels, sequls and remakes.  Currently, Hollywood is not investing in smaller indie films such as The Lookalike, therefore there is no budgets for mass marketing.   Sooooooo *couch cough*…… That’s where you come in! *confetti drops from the ceiling*

If you’re in the L.A. area, there are screenings going all week starting Nov 7th!!!   If you can make it out, bring your ass and along with your friends, significant others AND side pieces!  We don’t discriminate!!!

Visit the 2 websites below for showtimes:

Vintage Cinemas – Los Feliz 3 – Los Feliz, Ca (Q&A with Cast/Crew following the Friday 7th, 7pm screening)

Laemmle – Music Hall 3 – Beverly Hills, Ca (Q&A with Cast/Crew following the Saturday 8th, 5pm screening)

Like The Lookalike Facebook Page so that you can keep up with the film and know where else it’ll be screening.

Red Carpet Interviws

Smiling for the Camera

Jerry O'Connell

After party

Miranda Skerman

Michele and Richard Gray


I know I’m a couple months late, but I’m just now going through my phone’s footage from my b-day party a couple months ago.  It was a good break from work, auditions and the hustle and bustle of LA!  Enjoy and share!


Thanks to LA Weekly, I found out last minute about this event called Unique LA, and even though I was sick, it sounded like fun. Over 300 of Los Angeles’ local designers and artists would be setting up booths at the California Market Center in Downtown LA to showcase their products. I was just starting Modern Metro Men, in fact the blog wasn’t even live yet, but I thought it would be fun to go and check out some Men’s Wear brands. I was blown away, the clothing/accessories were nice with excellent quality, the designers were super cool and ok with sharing how they started and where they envision their company going.

Be sure to visit the featured brand’s websites below, they have some really dope stuff and you will find some unique pieces that no one else will have!

Pocket Square Clothing
Sires Crown

The Essential Man

Stone and Cloth