Khaki OOTD

Khaki Joggers.


Khaki OOTD

It’s been a crazy past couple of weeks at work for me so I took it slow this past weekend.  I’m off to New Orleans for 5 days for my cousin’s wedding this week and don’t you know that I already have my cheat meals planned for arrival?  Shit’s gonna get REAL disrespectful. 🙂

Anywho, you can never go wrong with joggers, they’re hella comfortable and versatile. I got this khaki shirt from Club Monaco 2 years ago, I kinda hated it but now it’s cool. I’m trying to force myself to wear all the clothes I have that I never wear before I buy new ones. (except for shoes and watches because I gotta step those shits up ASAP!)

I hope ya’ll have a dope Tuesday, keep living!  – Bob


Shirt | Club Monaco

Tee | H&M

Joggers | American Eagle

Shoes | New Balance

Gray Suit Separate.




A couple of weeks ago I’m going through my closet, looking for things to donate and I come across a suit that I can’t believe I still own.  After college I subscribed to GQ and realized you could buy “cheaper” suits, have them tailored and you would end up with “that look” the every man wants but can’t afford.  I found this gray suit for under $200 and after taking it to the tailor, you couldn’t tell me SHIT! 🙂

I titled this post “Nostalgia” because that’s what I feel thinking back to the times when I was beginning to “try” to dress dapper.  I was so conservative, my idea of tailoring consisted of having my slack’s waist and hem taken in. Boring right? 🙁

For historical reasons (wink) instead of donating this suit, I decided to keep it and take it back to the tailor to have it reworked.  The matching slacks are still being altered, so I coupled the jacket with another pair of slacks that I bought around the same time.  *Note to self: Steam this blazer asap!*

Moral of the story, just as we grow as people over time, so will our taste in style.  Change is natural, embrace it.   – Bob


Suit Jacket | Zara

Shirt | H&M

Pocket Square | Pocket Square Clothing

Slacks | Express

Shoes | Nike


I forgot how Bi-Polar Texas weather can be but I admit this cold, rainy Friday is a welcomed change of pace from the Los Angeles sunshine.  I don’t own a true winter coat so I’m lucky to have packed a puffer vest to layer for warmth.  I know I look a little bummy but I prefer to dress down to Christmas shop.  Espeeeeeecially if I will be accompanied by a woman.  You end up carryying ALL the bags, you walk miles to compare prices and return items to another store that has said item for .87 cents cheaper…. Wait…..  I guess I should stop here right? Laaaaadies, I’m joking, I’m just jooooking, you all know you’re not “that” bad. *cough, cough*

In all seriousness, hopefully the dreary weather will discourage the shopping crazies this evening.  Shorter lines for me.  Happy Holidays folks! –  Bobby





Puffer Vest | Merona for Target

Hoodie | Woodville High School

Joggers | American Eagle

Hat | eBay

Shoes | New Balance

Watch | Casio


The past 6 months or so, I’ve taken pretty much EVERY pair of jeans, chinos or slacks I own, to my tailor for alterations. I prefer everything to fit a certain way but buying off the rack means it’s not always going to be that “custom fit” that I prefer.  Simple, basic alterations will make any item look 10 times better, trust me.  It’s ALL about the fit!  People have been asking me what i do, so I decided I could show you in a vlog, better than I can tell you, so take a look, I hope this help you save a couple bucks!!!

*Note:  I filmed this myself on an old FlipCam that I have, so don’t judge me dammit!  I would have used my iphone’s camera but I didn’t have a tripod to fit it, so Forgive me…  I’ll be upgrading cameras veeeery soon!


Thanks to LA Weekly, I found out last minute about this event called Unique LA, and even though I was sick, it sounded like fun. Over 300 of Los Angeles’ local designers and artists would be setting up booths at the California Market Center in Downtown LA to showcase their products. I was just starting Modern Metro Men, in fact the blog wasn’t even live yet, but I thought it would be fun to go and check out some Men’s Wear brands. I was blown away, the clothing/accessories were nice with excellent quality, the designers were super cool and ok with sharing how they started and where they envision their company going.

Be sure to visit the featured brand’s websites below, they have some really dope stuff and you will find some unique pieces that no one else will have!

Pocket Square Clothing
Sires Crown

The Essential Man

Stone and Cloth