New Orleans… In Los Angeles?

Preux & Proper

On a Friday evening back in January, the homies and I had a great dinner at a New Orleans themed restaurant called Preux & Proper.  **An aside for my New Oleans peeps, after living in your city for a year back in 2012, I know how defensive you get in regards to your culture.  By no means am I saying Preux & Proper is 100% accurate in it’s depiction of said culture… So relax 🙂

Chicken & Waffles from Preux & Proper

Back to the story.  This past weekend I went back for brunch and decided to give the chicken and waffles a try.  I could have used more seasoning on the chicken but it wasn’t bland, it was good overall.  The buttermilk cornbread waffle is what stood out to me, it was as if a waffle and Jiffy cornbread had a love child.  It’s topped with roasted pecans, melted butter and warm syrup, sooooo bomb!


I don’t remember the name of the cocktail I had, but I know there was bourbon, lime juice, and ginger beer involved.  I don’t remember the rest of the ingredients, all I know is it was hella good and if you’re the bourbon type like myself, you’d love it!

Beignets from Preux & Proper

For dessert we went with the cinnamon toast crunch beignets which were super sweet and full of flavor.  I admit, I prefer their dinner menu because there’s more options, but if you’re ever in Downtown LA and have a craving for some cajun cuisine, give Preux & Proper a look.  Downstairs gives more of the social scene vibes, complete with table top games, music, a bar as well as countless options from the daquiri machines.  Upstairs is laid back and intimate, making it the perfect location for a great date night.

Ya’ll go vote and keep living!


Birthday Vibes.

What up guys, I hope all is well in your world!  Everything’s good on my end, on February 15th I celebrated another year of life on Planet Earth.  Not sure if you guys saw the vlog from last year’s Birthday Shenanigans, but with that in mind I decided to keep it simple this time.

Before we get into it, here’s me looking a year older.

Casual Weekend OOTD for Brunch

First we headed to Inglewood for brunch at The Serving Spoon.  It was BOMB, for a second I thought I was back in Texas… Minus the Southern accents.

Fried Catfish Brunch from The Serving Spoon

We then hid from the sun for awhile and caught a few episodes of Better Call Saul, before heading to Bludso’s BBQ, the Hollywood location.  I suppose it comes at no surprise that my plans pretty much revolved around food huh?

We met up with these dope ass folks that I’m lucky to call friends.

Birthday Dinner With Friends

We stuffed out faces with the following…

Birthday Dinner at Bludso's BBQ

And this…..

BBQ Dinner Site Items

This is what you will find in your phone when you ask my friends to take a picture for you. SMH

Friends Taking Silly Selfie

Candice was annoyed because I was cracking jokes and ruining pictures.

Joking Around Before Taking Picture

I finally stopped and we got a decent one.

Date Night Picture

Then we waited for Uber.  No drinking and driving over here and neither should you.  That shit is HELLA wack.

Waiting for Uber

The next day we went hiking.

Candice Hiking Runyon

This is my “Why did we decide to do this in 90 degree weather” face.

Water Break During Runyon Hike

That pretty much sums it up, simple and stressless, with minimal planning.  Thanks to all that made it out and a sincere thank you to everyone that took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday via Facebook, text or phone call…  God Bless the ladies that sent DMs.  Kiddiiiiiing!!! 🙂

Ya’ll keep living!

– Bobby Ray

Mess Hall Mess Burger

Next Stop On The Burger Tour…Mess Hall!

If you haven’t noticed, food makes me happy.  I’m the guy that shows up at your cookout and has no shame in making my plate and going back for seconds.  I’m also usually the first guy to make my to-go plate(s), before all the good stuff is gone.  🙂

About a year ago Thrill List put out a  list of “Under the Radar” burgers that everyone must try in LA.  I’m not one to turn down a challenge, so I “had” to give them all a try.  Also Candice was in town so I knew her greedy self would keep me company. 😉

Last weekend  we ended up trying Mess Hall, located in Los Feliz.(I actually wanted to move to this area but I wasn’t about that $1300 and up rent life)

Mess Hall

There was a show at the Greek Theatre nearby so they had a limited menu, but lucky for us the the Mess Burger made the cut!  Only problem was the dinner menu wasn’t available until 5pm and we got there at 4:30, so we tried the Cajun Boiled Shrimp from their Happy Hour menu to “pass time” as we waited.  I know that sounds like a weird appetizer before a burger but we were starving!

The shrimp were HUGE and came with a smoked cocktail and remoulade sauce.  Honestly I would have been fine sharing a couple more orders of the shrimp, they were THAT good.

Cajun Boiled Shrimp

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to venture out when it comes to drinks because I’m the type that orders Hennessy wherever I go.  Our waitress suggested the Old Fashioned but we both ended up going lighter with what they call “Sloth: The Silent Killer”.  It was a great choice, consisting of rum, lime, ginger, creame de peche and bubbles.  Sweet and citrusy but it kinda sneaks up on you.  So we ended up downing a couple of those.

Sloth The Silent Killer

Five minutes later the burgers came. I had mine cooked  medium-well because some restaurants cook medium a little too pink for me.  It comes with slow cooked carmelized onions, Vermont cheddar cheese, bread & butter pickles and their house smokey sauce.  The flavors blend together nicely to the point that I didn’t even miss the lettuce and tomatoes that it did not include.  Their house fries are salted and fried crispy but not too crunchy.

Mess Hall Mess Burger

I know I sound greedy right now, but words can NOT explain the flavors.  I wish I had the camera rolling because when Candice took her first bite, she closed her eyes and involuntarily made this orgasmic sound.  It was HELLA funny.

If you’re every in the Los Feliz area and in the mood for a burger, go to Mess Hall!  I hear they have a killer Happy Hour as well so I’m sure I’ll be headed back this summer to try more of their drinks.

I’ll let you guys know when I find the next stop on the Burger Tour.  Until then, keep living.

– Bob

Finally Tried Eggslut.

I never usually write about food posts, I simply post an Instagram photo, but today is different.  I’ve been hearing friends, bloggers and everyone else rave about “Eggslut” for over 2 years now, but  I’m horrible when it actually comes to getting out and trying new things.   My friend Candice was in town so I suggested we head downtown to give it a try before she left.

Eggslut is located in Grand Central Market, parking is intense, but you already knew that.  We got there and I bullshit you not the line is already 30-40 people strong.  Luckily it was mainly 9-5’ers grabbing lunch to go, so it moved along quickly.

Candice had the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and I had the Eggslut cheeseburger w/ avocado and bacon.  It also came with an over-medium egg, which I’ve always been reluctant to try, but when in Rome right?  When I tell you this shit was PHENOMINAL!!!  I can be a bit of of skeptic, cynic, asshole but I promise you this place is as advertised… BOMB!  We ended up getting fries at this place called Berlin Currywurst.  Two guys in line behind us had them and let us try a couple, so you know I took my greedy ass to get my own order as well.  They were AWESOME and their other foods smelled great so I’m sure I’ll be back.

If you’re ever near DTLA or just want to explore a bit, go to Grand Central Market and stuff your face with all of the amazing food.  And tell them Bobby Ray sent ya… Ok, don’t tell them that because they have not a single, solitary clue as to who I am.  HaHa!



Burger and fries

Eggslut Burger

Houston Atros OOTD

Excited in Downtown LA

Jump Kick



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