Camo Vest.


Camo OOTD 2

Camo OOTD 3I’ve been obsessed with camo since I was a kid.  When I’d go to Lufkin to visit my Dad I’d sneak off on my bike to the Army/Navy Surplus and not come back for hours. (If you’re from East Texas you know the one on Timberland, don’t front haha)

I stopped by the store on a visit about 3 years ago and found this sleeveless Woodland BDU shirt.  I had no clue what to do with it but for $5 I figured I’d “need” it some day.  Well that day has arrived, I decided to throw it over a tee shirt, nothing fancy.

So wherever you’re at, don’t sleep on your local Army/Navy Surplus store.  If you’re into camo, you’d be surprised at what you can find.  And I sincerely apologize to any Military personnel that takes offense to me wearing military gear for fashion purposes.  I mean no harm.

Everyone have a great weekend and keep living!!!   – Bob


Fedora | Target

Camo Vest | Army Surplus Store

Tee | American Apparel

Chinos | H&M

Loafers | Kenneth Cole

Sunglasses | American Optical

Rust Blazer.




OOTD1I can’t even begin to believe that it’s August already.  I said August guys.  As in June, July, AUGUST!!!  The good thing is that we’re inching closer to Fall which is my preferred season because you have cooler temps which allows layering for us style junkies.  And of equal importance Fall means it’s FOOTBALL SEASON!!!

It’s been awhile since I wore a tie and blazer  in an OOTD post so I needed to end that streak.  I’ve blogged about this blazer before and it’s still nothing short of amazing.  Lightweight, unlined and if you ask me, the more wrinkles the better with this one.

The jeans are from Forever 21 and have instantly became my go to.  They’re the Faded Skinny Jeans but are made with a stretch denim so they have a lot of give.  Honestly, I’m not a fan of skinny jeans so I went up a couple sizes and had my tailor take in the waist.  They also come with a frayed hem which is a nice detail, but it doesn’tt matter in my case because I always roll my pants into cuffs.

I’ve been wearing sneakers all Summer so I decided to throw own a pair of dress shoes.  I got these a few years back in Dallas at some crazy Aldo sale.  I was unsure about buying them because they’re gray, but I’m glad I did because now I love gray.  Funny how life works huh?

Ok I need to get back to work, I procrastinate enough as it is.  Ya’ll keep living!  – Bob


Blazer | Life After Denim

Shirt, Tie, Pocket Square | J. Crew

Jeans | Forever 21

Sunglasses | American Optical

Shoes | Aldo

Belt | H&M

Chambray And Linen

Weekends Are Made For Chambray and Linen.


Chambray And Linen



I went to the Grand Canyon(vlog and pics coming soon) over the weekend so I took off Monday to rest up.  I ended up riding to Glendale to do some pick ups and drop offs at my tailor’s shop.  I also did a little shopping and enjoyed a JNJ Burger when I got back to LA.  I wanted to try “Mo Better Burgers’ right around the corner from me in Mid City BUT they were closed Sunday and Monday. Not cool, but it’s whatever, I’ll try them on my next cheat meal day.(Keeps me motivated) 🙂

It was hella hot so it was a linen shirt and chambray shorts for me, both purchased last year.  Originally the shorts were longer but I had my tailor add a cuff.  What are you guys wearing to beat the heat this summer?  And I have to tip my hat to all the bloggers that are still wearing suits in this heat…. I ain’t ’bout that life! 🙂

Have a great day and ya’ll keep living! – Bob


Hat | Target

Shirt | H&M

Shorts | J.Crew

Shoes | Converse

Summer OOTD

Every Day People Brunch.

Summer OOTD



My favorite season is Fall but LA Summers are a close second. I hate to be hot but California doesn’t have the humidity that plagues my native Texas.

This past weekend I met up with friends to kick it at Chef Roble’s Everyday People Brunch. I most definitely prefer LA’s Day Parties as opposed to the Hollywood Nightlife bullshit.

It was a bit overcast so I went with chinos and a simple striped shirt and of course the ONLY cap that I’m wearing right now.  I looked at my past couple of posts and I noticed I always wear this one, and I have no plans of stoppping any time soon.  I hope everyone has a chill summer, be safe and ya’ll keep living!  – Bob


Cap | Obey

Sunglasses | American Optical

Shirt | Target

Chinos | H&M

Shoes | Nike

Gray Suit Separate.




A couple of weeks ago I’m going through my closet, looking for things to donate and I come across a suit that I can’t believe I still own.  After college I subscribed to GQ and realized you could buy “cheaper” suits, have them tailored and you would end up with “that look” the every man wants but can’t afford.  I found this gray suit for under $200 and after taking it to the tailor, you couldn’t tell me SHIT! 🙂

I titled this post “Nostalgia” because that’s what I feel thinking back to the times when I was beginning to “try” to dress dapper.  I was so conservative, my idea of tailoring consisted of having my slack’s waist and hem taken in. Boring right? 🙁

For historical reasons (wink) instead of donating this suit, I decided to keep it and take it back to the tailor to have it reworked.  The matching slacks are still being altered, so I coupled the jacket with another pair of slacks that I bought around the same time.  *Note to self: Steam this blazer asap!*

Moral of the story, just as we grow as people over time, so will our taste in style.  Change is natural, embrace it.   – Bob


Suit Jacket | Zara

Shirt | H&M

Pocket Square | Pocket Square Clothing

Slacks | Express

Shoes | Nike

Dots and Checks.

A few weeks back I was at The Grove and the Nike Killshots were on display at the J.Crew store.  It was………. love at first sight…. I “had” to have them.  We only live once….. Right?

I’ll be wearing these all Spring/Summer and the next few blog posts will be dedicated to the different ways I prefer to style sneakers.


I found the blazer and slacks for 50 and 30 dollars respectively. (SCORE!)  Honestly I was on the fence with the chinos because of the higher waist rise, I prefer low rise pants.  I couldn’t resist the checked pattern and the price though so I caved.

Since the dots and checks are clashing, I opted for a white shirt and pocket square to tone things down. (Fresh, crisp, white dress shirts are my favorite.)  This chambray tie has caused me countless headaches and made me late on several occasions, I can never manage to tie it to where it falls to the perfect length.  The Fashion Gods were with me today because I finally got it right and I’ll never untie this one again.  EVER.(I’m so petty, I swear! lol)

And of course I kept if casual with the beforementioned Killshots!




Feel free to comment whether you hate it, like it, or what you would have done differently.   -Bob


Blazer | Forever XXI

Shirt | JCP

Tie and Pocket Square | The Tie Bar

Chinos | H&M

Shoes | Nike

Easter Weekend.

Denim Blazer

Plaid Chinos

Easter OOTD

Easter Family Dinner

Man…….. What…. A….. Week….  What was supposed to be a simple few days in the country turned into an extra 5 days in Houston.  I ended up sick as a dog, I lost my voice and THEN my agent and manager BOTH hit me up with auditions that needed to be taped and sent back to LA asap!  Next came my first ever Sinus Headache.

With all of that going on all I was thinking was “I didn’t pack for 5 extra days, what the Hell am I going to wear for Easter?!”  I know, I know “Soooooo metro of you Bobby” as my ex-boss Melissa would say.  *** Love ya Mel! 😉

Luckily I threw these plaid chinos in the garment bag just before I left LA.  *Here I have to give backstory on these pants that I love, so bear with me.*  I randomly caught them on sale during Docker’s end of Summer sale last season.   They were like $30 AND they had my size.  Well… they had a size 33 waist when I’m a 30, and the length was a 34″ and I’m a 30″. (And then I have them shortened to about a 28.5″ to make them flood lol)

My tailor worked his magic and now they fit perfect.  Quick tip, if you order a size up in the waist, pay close attention to the buttocks of your pants.  It you’re “lacking” back there, once the tailor takes the waist in it can make the seat of your pants look awkward…. Like “you didn’t make it to the toilet in time” awkward.  Me myself I don’t have that problem, so when I go up in waist size the seat of my pants always work out fine.  Sorry to go there guys I’m just giving honest testimony here, now back to the story.

I ended up doing a repeat with the denim blazer becasue I only had 2 with me and the Chambray one didn’t look right with the pants.  I would have preferred to have a collared white shirt but this mandarin collared dress shit was the only one I packed that would subdue the plaid slacks.  I desperately wish I had actual dress shoes with me but the Sperrys was all I had, so they had to suffice.  Overall I think it “worked” and I got plenty of compliments at Church (don’t hate Candice haha) so maybe I shouldn’t overthink things?

All things considered, it was a great trip and I was able to scarf down some soul food with Candice’s family before heading back to LA, so I couldn’t complain if I wanted to.  I won’t be back in Texas for a while so the extra days were appreciated.  I hope you all had a great Easter and until next time, keep living! – Bob


Blazer | Zara

Shirt | H&M

Pocket Square | The Tie Bar

Chinos | Dockers

Belt | J.Crew

Shoes | Sperry

Denim Errrthang!

Ok from the title you guys know that was “Denim Everything” in Ebonics Speak right? 🙂  Oh yea Happy Good Friday, if you’re into that.  I was supposed to be in Texas until Tuesday but ended up pushing my flight back, so I’ve BEEN ran out of clothes.   But the homies Dre and DJ were having their Round Table Convo event so I had to support since I was here.

As mentioned by the title, I said “fuck it” and went ALL denim… Blazer, shirt AND jeans, to Hell with the “rules” man.  I’m not a big shoe guy.. Wait.. My shoe collection is actually pretty weak to be honest.. So I went with the ole’ faithful Sperry Loafers because once you break them in it’s hard not to wear them.  I think I’ll be rocking these ALL Spring/Summer no matter how beat up they get.  Seriously though, I’m about to step the shoe game up, I gotta do better, my Dad would be so ashamed.  My watch game needs an upgrade as well. 🙁  I went with the checked pocket square just to break up the monotony and give this look a lil “flavor” as my cousin Jeff Jack would say. LOL we SO country.

Ok enough about me, Happy Easter and ya’ll have a great, SAFE weekend.  I think I’m gonna get in these Houston streets with the homies, so I’ll see ya’ll around.  Ya’ll keep living! – Bob




Blazer | Zara

Shirt | Gap

Pocket Square | The Tie Bar

Jeans | Zara

Belt | J.Crew

Shoes | Sperry

Olive and Navy.




Spring is here!  Well…. not to be a d!ck but it’s pretty much ALWAYS Spring here in LA! *LOL I know my East Coast peeps are hating me right now*

I’ve been sick lately and it’s been awhile since I wore a suit look, so I knew a blazer would make me feel better. 🙂

This particular blazer is this weird Olive Green’ish color that I would normally wear in the Fall, but it’s super light so I said f*ck it!  I’m wearing a patterned shirt so I decided to go with the simple Chambray tie and white pocket square.  Any other day of the week I would have worn brown sunglasses but it’s Monday so I’m having fun with the blue Ray Bans!  Plus I’m in a good mood because I’m going to visit the fam in Texas later this week!  Ok enough about me, ya’ll have a good one and keep living! – Bob


Blazer | ASOS

Shirt | Bar III

Tie & Tie Bar | The Tie Bar

Slacks | Zara

Shoes | Aldo

Sunglasses | Ray Ban

Watch | Timex

Finally Tried Eggslut.

I never usually write about food posts, I simply post an Instagram photo, but today is different.  I’ve been hearing friends, bloggers and everyone else rave about “Eggslut” for over 2 years now, but  I’m horrible when it actually comes to getting out and trying new things.   My friend Candice was in town so I suggested we head downtown to give it a try before she left.

Eggslut is located in Grand Central Market, parking is intense, but you already knew that.  We got there and I bullshit you not the line is already 30-40 people strong.  Luckily it was mainly 9-5’ers grabbing lunch to go, so it moved along quickly.

Candice had the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and I had the Eggslut cheeseburger w/ avocado and bacon.  It also came with an over-medium egg, which I’ve always been reluctant to try, but when in Rome right?  When I tell you this shit was PHENOMINAL!!!  I can be a bit of of skeptic, cynic, asshole but I promise you this place is as advertised… BOMB!  We ended up getting fries at this place called Berlin Currywurst.  Two guys in line behind us had them and let us try a couple, so you know I took my greedy ass to get my own order as well.  They were AWESOME and their other foods smelled great so I’m sure I’ll be back.

If you’re ever near DTLA or just want to explore a bit, go to Grand Central Market and stuff your face with all of the amazing food.  And tell them Bobby Ray sent ya… Ok, don’t tell them that because they have not a single, solitary clue as to who I am.  HaHa!



Burger and fries

Eggslut Burger

Houston Atros OOTD

Excited in Downtown LA

Jump Kick



Hat | New Era

Shirt | H&M

Slacks | Express

Shoes | Converse

Sunglasses | Carrera

Watch | Swatch