Birthday Getaway To My Favorite City… San Francisco!

As a late birthday present to myself, we spent last weekend in San Francisco. It was Candice’s first time, so I planned an entire itinerary, and THEN the rain came! ūüôĀ

It all started Friday in LA with a 4 hour flight delay, then came the turbulent flight that led to me making the most “non-manly” scream in history. *In my defense, the flight was hella bumpy and the scream was more of a quick yelp, so no need to revoke my man card.*

The rain stopped Saturday morning so we got out to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the “Full House” house and Fisherman’s Wharf. ¬†We planned to start the day with brunch at Brenda’s French Soul Food, but we couldn’t manage the wait because we were already starving. ¬†We ended up at Elite Cafe, which was really good, so no complaints there.

The rest of the weekend we did hood rat things which included: debating Kodak Black’s music, eating leftovers and pizza while watching the NBA All Star Dunk Contest and All Star game. ¬†We also knocked out Friday, Next Friday and a few episodes of SVU.

If you’ve never been to San Francisco, GO! ¬†It’s probably my favorite city based off of architecture alone. ¬†One tip I would give is to find a place on Air BnB, you’ll find better deals there than you would at a hotel. ¬†It’s also¬†dope to stay in an actual neighborhood to get a sense of what life would be like as a local.

Here’s a few pics!
Rain DropsStormy Weather San Francisco Ocean BeachElite CafeElite Cafe's BarBrunch DateBrunch Time

Elite Cafe MenuBacon, Duck Gumbo, Crawfish EtouffeeCollard GreensCasual OOTDGolden Gate BridgeThe "Full House" House Girl Scout Cookies

Fisherman's Wharf Lobster Crab Roll

Don’t Sleep On Eugene, Oregon.

Many of you know I’m a HUGE football fan so it’s only right that my bucket list includes attending games at some of our Nation’s top venues. ¬†I remember watching Oregon during the Akili Smith days and as of late, their uniforms are out of this world so Autzen Stadium was a must. ¬†I’m a big USC fan as well so naturally that’s the game I picked to see. As an added bonus, Candice loves football so she was down for the trip!

I remember one of the last conversations I had with my Dad before he passed. ¬†He told me to “Work hard but remember to have fun, take trips, goof off and just enjoy life.” ¬†This was weird coming from him because he was always the “show up early, work hard, stay late, save and get ahead” type of guy. ¬†In regards to his health, he knew he didn’t have much time left but he made a point to say this to me. ¬†Some days I get “jokingly” mad when I think about it because he didn’t tell me what was coming, but I get it. ¬†He’s was just a selfless guy that didn’t want me worrying, so I gotta respect that.

Truly wasn’t my intention to get dark with this post but as I was writing, it just came out. ¬†Hopefully it reaches anyone that¬†needed to see it. ¬†Take vacations people, you deserve it. ¬†If you can’t afford to travel, take a few days off and explore your city, do the touristy things that locals often ignore.

Ya’ll keep living! – Bob

Music Credits:
1. “Departure” by Kansado
2. “No Static” by Big K.R.I.T.
3. “My Hero” by Foo Fighters
4. “Journey To The One” by Kansado

Road Trip To The Grand Canyon.

Candice mentioned riding up to the Grand Canyon months ago, but I honestly didn’t think we’d get around to it this Summer. A few weeks ago she brought it up on a Thursday morning so we ended up renting a car and hotel room and headed out Friday morning. It’s only 7 hours from Los Angeles so it was a nice weekend getaway. ¬†What you guys are doing for fun this summer?! ¬†And as always, keep living! ¬†– Bob

Music Credits
1. “Can We” by Lorine Chia
2. “I’m There” by Fly Union
3. “Get Free, Revolt!” by Tiron & Ayomari

Birthday In New York.

My birthday was February 15th and per usual I had no clue what to do. ¬†2014 was a crazy year for me, lots of ups and downs, so I knew I wanted to do something chill this year. ¬†Plus my birthday is so close to Valentine’s that I never get as great of a turnout as I normally would, so I figured I’d do something random. ¬†I had Skymiles to burn so I decided I was going to New York with no “concrete” plans other than roaming around the city, maybe hit a comedy show and chill with my NY homies that I never see. ¬†I told my friend Candice and she invited herself(lol) but at least I had someone to acompany me. ¬†The cold pretty much ruined EVERYTHING, and I know my Mom will smile when she sees this because she was worried and told me a million times not to go. ¬† I couldn’t even bring myself to drag my friends out in the crappy weather but shoutout to Raven and Shalena who managed to somehow meet us at Starbucks for a hot cocoa party. ūüôā ¬† ¬†I did a little vlogging but holding a camera in 8 degree weather was not a good look, so here are a few moments I did capture. ¬†And oh yea, I got to see Christina! ¬†I hadn’t seen her since I graduated college, which was like 10 years ago’ish… ¬†Sheesh I’m getting OLD! ¬†Despite the weather I had a blast and I’d do it all over again!